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Five “D” of DOKAY

We believe that the five columns symbolized by “D” letter in our logo will carry us to the future. It is very important to us that these virtues are understood.

Accuracy (“Doğruluk”)

In addition to both self-honesty and truthfulness, accuracy in DOKAY stands for verifiable knowledge and refers to the distinction between epistemic and non-epistemic forms of knowledge. Epistemic knowledge is distinguished from other forms of propositions by its verifiableness.

Honesty (“Dürüstlük”)

Honesty in DOKAY, besides its conventional denotations of truthfulness and straightforwardness, also refers to the virtue of self-honesty associated with high self-awareness and sincere expression of one’s mistakes and shortcomings without any disguise.

Properness (“Düzgünlük”)

Properness in DOKAY associates with being neat, organized and consistent. International competition not only requires enrichment of technical infrastructure and knowledge but also requires being a modern, innovative and coordinated company stylistically.

Discipline (“Disiplin”)

Discipline in DOKAY, a set of rules always to be conformed, should be perceived as a process aiming to equip all our employees with good habits to develop our corporate identity.

Dynamism (“Dinamizm”)

Dynamism in DOKAY means the enthusiasm of our employees for their work, their contribution to our company and our country with their high energy and motivation in the process of increasing our service and product quality. 

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